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  Eveline Wu Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Eveline Wu Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

MA Somatic Psychology - California Institute of Integral Studies

BA Sociology - University of CA Berkeley & Wesleyan University

Certified Feldenkrais Method(R) Practitioner -


My name is Eveline Wu, and I am a somatic psychotherapist, with an MA from the California Institute of Integral studies, with a focus on couples therapy.

Working with you, I listen carefully to what is said and unsaid. I am gentle but will challenge you to grow, and help you sort out your underlying dynamics. It is a strong value for me to honor your voice, your needs and what is right for you. I work with compassion and hold complexity.

I work with clients with complex non-linear lives and relationships, whose worlds don’t easily fit into a box. I support you to move through difficult emotions and find connection, compassionate and empowering ways.

I bring an understanding of the mind/body relationship, from 20 years as a somatic movement educator and study of mind/body therapies.

I am also extensively trained in the use of touch in psychotherapy, and in nonverbal body memory in early developmental trauma, the neurobiology of attachment, and in parent-infant research that explores developmentally how relationships heal through connection.

This supports me into tuning into you through both mind and body, as I support you to access both verbal and nonverbal communication, your own knowing, and sense of well-being.

As a second generation Chinese American, I am sensitive to issues of culture, social injustice, and marginalization. I have special interest in bringing cultural sensitivity rather than normativity to somatic and emotion based therapies. I have lived in the East and West Coast and Alaska, and grew up in the Bay Area.

Other areas of specialization

  • Mind/Body Therapy for Chronic Pain

  • Connecting with your Authentic Needs and Desires

  • Navigating the impact of social, cultural, family and inter-generational injustice on your life and relationships


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