I support my clients to shift patterns of fear and self-sabatoge, and live a more empowered, easeful, authentic life



Anxiety, stress, and depression that cycles often goes deeper than the surface level. Through a mind/body approach, accessing neuroplasticity -- your ability to learn new ways of being in the world - we support you in finding fulfillment in your relationships and in discovering your potential for wholeness, ease and joy.


Get connected to yourself in mind and body. Learn to listen to your inner signals and direct your reactions, so you can speak from your truth, and show up more authentically in the world. 



Have you overcome challenges, such as a difficult childhood, intergenerational family trauma, abuse, significant loss, or been exposed to injustice in your life? Maybe you find the past haunts you now. Or you are concerned about the impact on your children. Together, we support you to find new ways of creating ease and wholeness in the present, and improving your relationships.



Do you find yourself reacting, in anger or withdrawal, in your significant relationships? At home or work, are you having challenges finding people you can trust and navigating communication? Maybe you find yourself repeating patterns from the past. Working together, we support you to navigate in a way that is empowered, sensitive to injustice, and creates more fulfilling connections with those are important to you in your life -- whether partners, children, colleagues, or friends. Discover how to claim your voice and find respect.