Are you having repetitive arguments with your partner, or avoiding working things through to keep the peace, while you grow further apart? Do you find yourself totally at odds with your partner? Do you long to have more closeness., or are at the last straw and are looking for hope?

As a couples therapist, I hold you both as you navigate differences, so you can actually work them through, and find your way back to understanding, connection and love.

Issues addressed include:

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Parenting issues

  • Repetitive arguments

  • Family, cultural or political differences

  • Affairs and other betrayals

I support couples who have come together from very different backgrounds, who love each other, but are now having painful arguments, or experiences of disconnection or misunderstanding. I support you to understand each other and work through impossible challenges and restore the connection that brought you together..

I bring a mind/body approach, based on understanding the physiology of how to reduce fight/flight reactions and the psychology of healthy bonding.


When you’ve grown up feeling different than the norm, or in a family which was “less than ideal,” it can be a struggle to live authentically with ease. On the inside, in ways that others may not realize, you may privately deal with intense feelings of anxiety, depression, or difficulties standing up for yourself or holding on to what is important to you.

Therapy supports you to to address unconscious feelings from the past and reclaim your power. Together we can support you to access your embodied wisdom and innate healing capacity. You can learn to access your deep wisdom through touch, movement, gesture, and listening. Through honoring safety, collaboration, and the healing power of relationship, you can find courage to meet those challenges that are so hard to face alone.


Have you been living chronic pain, and now find yourself now in a emotional state of fear and anxiety?

Or perhaps you’ve experienced abuse, accidents injuries?

You may have noticed that there is an amazing relationship between your emotional states and the feelings of tension or pain in your body.

As a somatic psychotherapist, with understanding from 18 years background as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, I bring unique understanding on the mind/body relationship to support you with you managing chronic pain, and finding peace and ease.