Areas of Focus

Multiracial Couples Therapy

I support couples who love each other but are now having painful arguments, or experiences of disconnection, to find their way back to flow, intimacy, connection, and improved communication. I support those who are working through impasses, or having intense conflicts. I bring a mind/body approach from somatic psychotherapy that is sensitive to cultural differences…


Emotional healing from childhood trauma, addressing current day impacts including anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, grief, and anger.

MIND/bODY Therapy for chronic PAIN

Are you in a state of emotional turmoil from longterm chronic pain, find yourself drawn towards strong medications or substances without relief, or have explored alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic physical therapy but find yourself a wreck, scared for your future?

Have you had challenges in your life, accidents, trauma or events, or just notice yourself feeling more tension and pain under emotional stress or anxiety?

I bring a unique integration of specialized approaches towards managing the mind/body emotion spiral of chronic pain with understanding from 18 years background as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and unique approaches addressing the mind/body connection to chronic pain.