Are you dealing with huge differences between you, that at first seemed surmountable, but now feel impossibly painful? Are at risk of losing your relationship, or wondering if there’s hope? Or are you wanting to work through challenges as you explore deepening intimacy, and explore new levels of commitment?

It’s natural that as relationships grow, issues arise that may not have been at the forefront. Yet when there’s love, conflict can lead to deep pain, and also practical challenges. When differences arise, it can bring up your emotional wounds from past relationships or how fights were in your childhood, leading to repetitive “stuck” conflicts, physiological “fight” or “flight” responses and faster and faster reactivity. You may find yourself acting in ways you don’t like, or shocked at how intense things have become. This can take over. Differences can be especially hard to work through when the differences may be hard to understand in each other.


If you’re stuck, I want to let you know that I’ve seen many impossible conflicts find a resolution. There is a pathway to shift painful arguments, or experiences of disconnection, back to flow, intimacy, connection, and improved communication.

You can get out of the cycles of reaction into greater safety in your being, honoring your feelings and your connection.