I believe that the painful places inside you have the power to transform into the strength, hope, and capacity to lead a more fulfilling life. Working together, I’ve seen how a path of reconnecting with your own resources, finding sources of resiliency, and tapping into your deepest core longings and mind/body messages, can support you to move through what has been frustrating, painful and difficult in your life and relationships.

One thing unique about my approach is a high level of sensitivity to how nonverbal or below conscious awareness can be accessed through body awareness, movement, or touch, and can support healing the physiological impacts of trauma and betrayal. I also listen carefully to your story (and the story beneath the story), your yearnings and challenges, for patterns in your emotional life. Recognizing the real challenges, injustices and complexities we contend in work, home and in political systems, and it is in your internal world of moving through the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and reclaiming your full emotional life, where you can act from the most empowered place. I work in a collaborative relationship that seeks to honor the whole of you and your choices, with sensitivity to the impact of social and cultural injustice.

My primary clinical orientation is a blend of somatic, attached focused and somatic analytic. I have diverse training across the mind/body field in cutting edge approaches, that began prior to my becoming a therapist, working for 18 years as a Certified Feldenkrais Somatic Education Practitioner.

I draw from Somatic Psychotherapy Including

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - a mind/body approach for working with trauma
Psychophysical Therapy - an approach founded by the late Bill Bowen integrating his extensive background as a trainer of Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Bodynamics and hands-on manual therapy
Inner Relationship Focusing - a system for listening to your body wisdom to uncover deeper inner wisdom
Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy - a shame sensitive “intersubjective” approach recognizing the ways in which emotional blocks to early childhood experience can be addressed and we can access core authentic feelings.

I am continually learning with leaders in the mind/body psychotherapy field. I reflect often on role of culture, change and disruption and navigating complexity on the way we form relationships and feel at home or belong (or not) in our communities.

My approach to Couples Therapy is greatly influenced by the above, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, which supports you in building emotional bonds and expressing core needs to build trust and understanding. I am influenced from Systems Centered Theory, and group/family dynamics, on how we can avoid scapegoating differences and instead build relationships that work and can integrate complexity of ourselves and our worlds.