Are you feeling anxious, pressured and misunderstood?

Do you want to empower your voice? Want support staying true to yourself in relationship?

Would you like to feel more Confident and AT EASE in mind and body?

Therapy is a place where you can unpeel the mask and rediscover ease and joy. A place to heal so you can heal through painful places.

Want to live more fully? Let’s talk.

Hi. I’m Eveline.

Eveline Wu Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Eveline Wu Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi. I’m Eveline. I am a mind/body psychotherapist who works with couples and individuals who deal with conflict, anxiety and depression. I offer a culturally sensitive, mind/body approach to support you to live a more authentic, fulfilling lives.

As a second generation Chinese American, I am sensitive to issues involving culture, social injustice, and marginalization. I work in a mind/body approach that supports you in accessing your deep authentic voice. I have lived in the East and West Coast and Alaska, and grew up in the Bay Area.

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