Eveline Wu, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Transformation and growth are possible, and I value the dreams you bring to this world.

There is a way through, and sometimes it helps to guide or someone with you, to support you in finding your own resources and move through what has been difficult.

When your life has not followed a linear path, or you have found yourself crossing cultures from the world you grew up in, it can be difficult to feel understood. You may be wanting to find that unique therapist who has both the verbal and nonverbal sensitivity, to tune in, guide or accompany you, in things that been hard to understand in yourself and your relationships.

As your somatic psychotherapist, I bring depthful support with you navigating the bridge between mind and body, past and present, and crossing cultures while living a life of authenticity and integrity. I have been exploring the mind/body field for over 20 years to bring my support to you.

My approach is recognize the core role that emotional patterns learned early in life play in adult experiences and relationships, and can be healed in the here and now. I have explored how that learning is nonverbal or below conscious awareness and accessible through body awareness, movement, or touch and an understanding of the physiological impacts of trauma and betrayal. I also recognize the roles, hopes and fears, that society invites us to contend with. I work in a collaborative relationship that seeks to support your empowerment and voice, with sensitivity to the impact of social and cultural injustice.

As a second generation Asian American, who grew up in the West Coast, but has also lived in the East Coast and Alaska, I am sensitive to issues of marginalization, belonging, navigating cultural and political differences, and family and intergenerational issues. I bring a background of understanding, prior study and activism, and focused psychological study, in issues related to these themes.

If you’d like to speak and see if we might be a match, I invite you to contact me.


Background - I began my journey as a psychotherapist studying the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education, and working with the body/mind connection to address chronic pain. Through that work, I began to study other body psychotherapies including Inner Relationship Focusing, Hakomi Somatics for Bodyworkers, and other studies including many years with master somatic psychotherapist Bill Bowen studying his resource based approach to developmental trauma including touch for psychotherapy.

My work right now is primarily organized around Emotion Focused Therapies for Couples, and work called Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals. Both of these approaches recognize the key importance of being able to process feelings in a safe way that establishes safety in relationships, and leads to more fulfilling ways of fulling what is important to you.

I have a MA from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a BA from UC Berkeley, also attending Wesleyan University in Sociology. My past background includes many years of activism in Asian American issues, and I have also been a ski instructor for children with autism. I am also a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with 18 years experience working with people chronic pain and physiological regulation of stress, which I practice separately. I have previously worked at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine where I wrote a protocol using somatic relational therapies for people with dementia, and published on how people grow through “implicit” (nonverbal) memory, through embodied connection. I apply these ideas and understandings of neurobiology and the mind body connection, and trauma, to clients from diverse backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, and racial/gender identities. I am continually learning and growing in my fields and bringing together diverse ideas to support my clients’ needs. I have a particular issue bridging the unique issues of attachment and bonding that occur when there are cultural differences across generations in children of immigrants or between partners who have grown up in different environments.


M.A. Counseling - Somatic Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies

B.A. Sociology, Highest Honors
University of California - Berkeley

Wesleyan University

  • DEFT (Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy), Susan Warren Warshow, 3 year training, Los Angeles, CA, 2018-present

  • Somatic Psychotherapy, Psychophysical Therapy Training with Bill Bowen, 2009-2010

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level I, Ame Cutler, 2013

  • Inner Relationship Focusing, Levels I-V, Ann Weiser Cornell, 2001-2004

  • Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy Introductory Workshop, Ruella Frank, 2013

  • Supervision with Trainers in Various Somatic and Somatic Analytic Approaches including Formative Psychology, Somatic Experiencing & AEDP, and Somatic Psychodynamic Therapies

Embodied Oppression Workshops/Presentations

  • "Exploring Dominant and Submissive Roles through Body Awareness", (2 days) Merete Holm Brantbjerg, Founder, Moaiku Relational Trauma Therapy, 2016

  • "The Somato-Psychological Cost of Social Marginalization", Kurt Wagner

  • "Working with Embodied Oppression", Rae Johnson

  • "Social Justice Focused Psychodrama Techniques" (1 day), Leticia Nietto

Interpersonal Neurobiology - How Relationships Effect Physiology

  • Allan Schore Study Group, 6 months

  • Dan Siegal, Alan Fogel, Stephen Porges, Bruce Lipton,

Couples Therapy, Group and Systems Therapies

  • Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) Externship, Sam Jinich, Nancy & Paul Aikin

  • “Working with High Conflict Couples,” Emotionally Focused Therapy, Rebecca Jorgensen

  • AEDP For Couples, (2 events), David Mars

  • Annual Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy Symposium 2017, 2018

  • NGGPS, Relational Gestalt Group Process (2 days)

  • Systems Centered Theory Study Group, Susan Gnatt (2 years)

  • Systems Centered Theory Foundation Training (12 days), Yvonne Agazarian and others

  • T Group Diversity Focus Group Intensive (4 days)

  • Intersubjective Relational Psychoanalysis Group Process (2 days)

Emotion Focused Somatic Therapies

  • 6 AEDP day-long seminars in a variety of clinical topics


  • Kathy Kain - Touch for Psychotherapy I & II (8 days)

  • Kathy Kain - Somatic Resilience & Regulation After Early Trauma I & I, (8 days)

  • Dave Berger - Working with Traumatic Impact of Concussions (1 day)

  • Ariel Giaretto - Wisdom of the Womb: Perinatal & Ancestral Trauma (3 days)

  • Bill Bowen - Touch in Psychotherapy (1 year program) 2011

  • Pat Ogden- Hakomi Somatics for Bodyworkers, 2001

  • Donna Cerio - Intentional Touch(R) for Sexual Abuse Survivors, 2007


  • Feldenkrais Method Certified Practitioner Training 1997-2000

  • Anat Baniel Method Mastery & Children's Training, 2003-2004

  • Body Mind Centering Workshops (Organs, Embodying the Heart, Righting Reflexes)

  • Workshops in Integrated Awareness(R), The Embodied Life(R), & Other Feldenkrais approaches to working with emotion and trauma, Continuum, etc.


  • Moving with Feeling (3 days) Zuza Engler, Soul Motion/Gestalt Awareness

  • Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals (1 week), Peggy Hackney

  • Finding the Bones, Creative Process (4 days) Joe Goode

  • Laban Based Dance & Improvisation (4 days), Bill Evans

  • Blanche Evans Technique, Ann Krantz, PhD

  • Ongoing Conscious Dance and Movement Practices


Founder: CIIS Student Group, Diversity Perspectives in Embodiment, Hosting Speakers on Working with Race/Culture/Sexuality and Embodied Oppression in Somatic Psychology

Publication: Wu, E., Barnes, D. E., Ackerman, S. L., Lee, J., Chesney, M., & Mehling, W. E. (2014). Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise (PLIÉ): qualitative analysis of a clinical trial in older adults with dementia, Aging & Mental Health, July, online.

Poster: “A Multi-Modal Somatic Exercise Program for Seniors with Dementia: a preliminary case study,” Presented at the Esther Thelen Dynamic Systems Research Symposium, San Francisco, CA, & United States Association for Body Psychotherapy Conference, Boulder, Colorado. August 2012.

Convener/Discussant, Somatic Psychotherapy in Japan and Other Asian Cultures, Dec 7, 2013 (3 hrs), speaker Takashi Kubo.

Panel Convener/Co-Participant, “Somatic Approaches to Race Based Traumatic Stress,” American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)– Bay Area Student Conference, October 2012.



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